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PIC Protege's Internship "Pivot" is the reason why PIC Protege is in existence today. Pivot is a fast paced, learn as you go Internship Program. This program is designed to give college undergrads the experience they need in the major they are pursuing to complement their degree upon graduating.

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Pivot Agile Internships was established in 2021 during a pandemic, concentrating on helping college level students gain hands-on experience directly related to their major giving them a competitive advantage when graduating. Statistics prove many students suffer from a lack of interest in the career they received their degree in when they have not experienced a day in the life of the profession. Through Pivot Agile Internships, enrolled college students with a classification as early as Sophomore receive practical experience, knowledge, and mentoring over a course of 8 weeks. Program participants will walk away with clarity and confidence when it comes to major and career alignment in return giving them "A Great Start" after college life.


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